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How to Copy Xbox Games - Tutorials for Burning Xbox Games and Guide to Making Xbox Backups.

[Purpose]: To teach beginners how to mod their Xbox including information on how to: buy an xbox modchip with mod chip comparisons, install an Xbox modchip, Flash Bios, install EvolutionX, Upgrade the Xbox hard drive, Copy Xbox games to DVD and so much more.
[Announcement]: Copying Xbox Games is undergoing major revisions as the site is relaunched with a new, fully customized back-end. Please come back soon as new content is being added daily for the latest Xbox modchip and scene news, reviews, information.

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XBMC - Xbox Media Center Demo Download
XBMC: See What you're Missing! Want to know what you can do with your hacked Xbox? This Xbox Media Center (XBMC) demo movie will show you everything your missing. Download the XBMC movie here. XBMC is a very powerful media center for your Xbox that allows you to view your xbox game backups, movies, mp3's, pictures, and more. Muchos Gracias to Wabid Woveren for taking the time to create this movie demo of XBMC.
Source: Wabid Woveren's Website
New Halo 2 Screenshot / Picture Posted Today
An awesome new Halo 2 picture was posted today. This Halo 2 screenshot looks fantastic, and its making my mouth water for this game. By the look of this screenshot, Halo 2 is going to be an absolutely amazing game. Check out the Halo 2 screenshots and pictures here.
SmartXX Xbox Modchip For Sale Now
The SmartXX Xbox modchip is finally available for sale. The SmartXX Xbox mod is truly a 4th generation Xbox modchip. The SmartXX is available in llimited quantities from Divineo Wholesale Modchips. Buy your SmartXX while these mods are still in stock.
Xbox Price Cut confirmed
On Friday, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the Xbox price will be reduced by $30.00, meaning that it will retail for $149.00 beginning next month. Will the PS2 be the next console to lower its price?
Source: Yahoo News
Watch out for fake Xenium mods
I have received several reports recently of people buying fake Xbox modchips, especially the Xenium mod chip, by some shady xbox modchip retailers. Watch Out! Only order from OFFICIAL retailers such as Divineo Wholesale Modchips.
XBMC (Xbox Media Center) Incorporates Xenium LCD Support
The XBMC (Xbox Media Center) will incorporate support for the Xenium Xbox modchip external LCD screen.
Xbox Price Drop to $149 in April 2004
Walmart and other retailers will lower Xbox price to $149.00 (US) in April, 2004.
Xbox Hacking Guide Overview & Outline
Begin your Xbox hacking adventure by reading this xbox hacking outline. Learn what to read on this website, and in which order so that you can mod your xbox and copy xbox games, upgrade your xbox hard drive, make xbox backups, play movies from your Xbox, run a linux web server on your Xbox, and so much more.
Where to buy an Xbox Modchip
Looking for a reliable place to buy an Xbox modchip? Read this guide first to learn where you should buy an Xbox modchip. Don't get ripped off!
Uprgrade Xbox Hard Drive Tutorial
Step-by-step instructions on how to install and upgrade to a larger Xbox hard drive. Explains what it means to "unlock" an Xbox hard drive, and how to replace an Xbox HDD.
How to Network Xbox to PC Computer
Tutorial to network Xbox to PC including step-by-step instructions for setting up connection between Xbox and computer for routers, hubs, and crossover cables.
Xbox Dashboard Overview
Overview of an Xbox Dashboard, including information on Evolution X dashboard (evox), avalaunch, and unleash dashboards.
Xbox Bios Overview
Overview of an Xbox bios. Explains what an Xbox bios is, and distinguishes between the various types, including X2 Xbox bios, and Cromwell Linux Bios (FlashBIOS).
Xbox Modchip Bios Flashing Tutorial
Overview of flashing an Xbox Modchip with a new bios, including the gereral steps to flash an Xbox bios.
Xbox Modchip installation Guide
Overview of several Xbox mod chip installation options including: pin header modchip install, wire install, solderless install.
The EvolutionX (Evox) complete guide
The EvolutionX (Evox) complete guide, including how to download evolution X, making an ISO, burning EvolutionX ISO using nero, and Loading the EvolutionX dashboard.
4th Generation Xbox Modchip Reviews Xecuter 3, Xenium, SmartXX
Xbox mod chip reviews of 4th generation modchips including the Xecuter 3, Xenium, and SmartXX xbox mods.

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