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About Me

I am an Xbox hacker. I bought my first Xbox on November 9, 2001; the day that the Xbox hit the market. My first three games were Project Gotham Racing, NFL Fever, and Halo. Like many others, I became a Halo addict, and completed the game within several weeks. Several months after the Xbox came out, XBConnect was released. XBConnect is tunneling software that allows users to emulate system-link Xbox connections over the internet. In short, XBConnect let me play Halo against players across the world, for free. Talk about time consuming. I spent many, many hours playing Halo over the internet.

In April, 2002 I first began hearing of Xbox modchips. This was very exciting for me. However, after learning that these modchips required many soldering connections, I was hesitant to purchase and install one. I actually waited until August, 2002 before I modified my first Xbox. In August, the Xecuter version 1.0 chip was released, which required that only one wire be soldered. I waited for this modchip because I did not have any prior soldering experience, and I did not want to mess up my only Xbox. I'm glad I waited. I don't think I would have been able to install a 29 wire modchip.

During my first mod experience I noticed that a serious problem existed among the Xbox modder community. There was a ton of Xbox hacking and modding information available on the internet, but the information was highly fragmented. This meant that to get a straight answer I had to visit multiple websites, chat with people on IRC, and compile information myself in order to accomplish anything even remotely complicated (such as installing the EvoluionX dashboard). As a result of these experiences over several months, I decided to take action. In February, 2003 was born. The mission of is to help assemble comprehensive xbox hacking related information so that beginners in the Xbox hacking community have a place to turn when they are getting started. has gone through several revisions. The most notable revision came in March, 2004 when I decided to re-code the entire website in php with a fully customized dynamic backend. I decided this dramatic revision was necessary in order to keep our visitors informed. It was too time consuming to update the site by hand each time a new development occurred in the Xbox hacking community.

I hope that you learn from the information contained within this website. Happy modding!

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