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Xbox Hacking Guide Overview & Outline

Summary: Begin your Xbox hacking adventure by reading this xbox hacking outline. Learn what to read on this website, and in which order so that you can mod your xbox and copy xbox games, upgrade your xbox hard drive, make xbox backups, play movies from your Xbox, run a linux web server on your Xbox, and so much more.
Full Article: The Complete Beginner's Outline

Okay, presumably you're at this website because you want to learn how to hack your Xbox. Maybe you want to copy xbox games, maybe you want to turn your Xbox into a linux server, or an Xbox media center to play MP3's, DivX movies, DVD's, etc. Well, you're at the right place! Follow the links in this article to navigate around this website. Don't forget to BOOKMARK this site RIGHT NOW. For me, it never fails, as soon as I find something good, I forget how I got there, so Bookmark this site before you do anything else. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email me at Good luck.

First, let's debunk a few myths. There are a lot of companies that advertise software to let you copy xbox games onto CDR's or make Backups to DVD with only software. All of this type of software that is currently available is complete bullshit. Don't buy it. You will get ripped off. It's impossible to mod an Xbox with *ONLY* software modifications. There must be some hardware modifications to the Xbox system. By far, the easiest way to accomplish the hardware modifications that you will need is with an Xbox modchip. It is *possible* to mod an Xbox without an Xbox modchip, but for a newbie, the modchip way is definitely the easiest way to get started.

There are many considerations when purchasing an Xbox modchip. You have to decide which Xbox mod chip that you want, and then you have to decide where you want to buy that mod chip. I always recommend Divineo Modchips. Divineo is a very reliable modchip seller, which is unusual in this business. I get lots of reports from Xbox mod chip buyers that get ripped off, so that?s why I wrote an article titled where to buy an Xbox mod chip. The most popular Xbox mod chips are the Xecuter 2 (with the Xecuter 3 to be released soon), Xenium, SmartXX, X-Bit, Aladdin, Chameleon and Xchip. Personally, I recommend that you go with either the Xecuter, Xenium, or SmartXX Xbox modchips, but it?s really just a matter of preference. The truth is, they all really do the same thing, so just buy the one that fits your budget. You may want to start with my article about the History of Xbox hacking scene and Xbox modchips.

After you buy a modchip, the first thing you're going to need to learn about is modchip installation, so I have a tutorial that offers an introduction to installing an Xbox modchip.

After your Xbox modchip is installed, you will need to flash your Xbox modchip. You should read the Xbox Bios Overview tutorial, and then the Xbox Bios Flashing Tutorial.

Once you have loaded an alternative bios, it's time to learn about dashboards. Read this overview about Xbox dashboards, including Evox, Avalaunch, and unleash. Then, when you understand what an Xbox dashboard is, read my (long) tutorial about installing and configuring EvoltionX. During the EvolutionX configuration process, you?re going to want to learn about how to network your xbox to your computer, so make sure you read that tutorial because you will need this basic information during your evolutionX configuration process when you're trying to FTP to your Xbox from your computer.

If you want to load a bunch of cool stuff onto your xbox such as Xbox game backups, MP3's, movies, and anything else, you?re probably going to want to upgrade your Xbox hard drive. Follow this tutorial to learn how to install a larger hard drive into your Xbox.

Finally, please remember that this is really YOUR website. I drafted most of this content from my own experiences, but it's not complete. There is always more I could write. If you find something unclear, please let me know. Also, if you find this information valuable, then please consider contributing. There are many ways you can contribute to this project, including writing content for other visitors about topics I have not had time to cover. If you?re a webmaster then you can also contribute my linking to this website so that other visitors can learn. Lastly, I do accept donations. This website receives thousands of visitors per day, and the server and bandwidth costs are very expensive. I subsidize most of this cos out of my own pocket, but the more contributions I can get from others, the longer this project will last. I hope you don?t come back one day and realize this website is gone. One way to make sure that won't happen is to throw me a bone so I can keep the site alive. Thanks for your help, in whatever form it may be, and Happy Xbox Hacking.

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